Since we are neither financially supported by the SSC nor by our university, our project is highly dependent on sponsoring and we are indefinitely grateful for every sponsoring we receive.

The Institute of Structural Mechanics and Lightweight Design (SLA) plays a consultative role. Additionally we are allowed to use their facilities such as meeting rooms and the workshop. 

The IGLUNA Project is organized by the Swiss Space Center. The SSC plays a consultative role and organizes events such as the Kickoff-Meeting, CDR and Field Campaign! 

The Luxembourg Space Agency LSA supports AMPEX! LSA has been founded last year by the Minister of Economics Etienne Schneider with the goal of supporting private institutions and startups in space exploration. They give financial help to buy components that are not possible to receive from any companies. 

Maxon is a worldwide company founded in Switzerland. Its motors were already installed in 1997 on the NASA probe "Pathfinder" and in 2004 on the "Spirit", which both landed on Mars. That's why it means even more to us that Maxon sponsors AMPEX with a powerful DC motor and the belonging software.

Gemmel Metalle delivers base material and semi-finished parts in all possible materials. They sponsor AMPEX with plates, round bars und angles in aluminium.

Mouser Electronics is a worldwide distributor of semiconductors and electrical components for over 750 manufacturers. They sponsor Ampex a voucher for their online shop. This allows us to select various parts from a large selection.

Misumi is a company from Japan that delivers worldwide mechanical components for all different disciplines of mechanical engineering. They sponsor AMPEX with different tools to manufacture and adapt plates like drill or milling heads.    

Ansmann is a global company with an impressive company development from Germany. Ansmanns product range includes everything for mobile energy, i.e. rechargeable batteries and chargers. They sponsor AMPEX with Li-Ion battery packs and chargers to let us provide enough power for the experiment.

Inometa is technology leading in development, production and processing of aluminium and fibre composite lightweight products. They produce, among other things, technical tubes und rolled pipes. They sponsor AMPEX with rolled pipes in two different sizes. 

Fried. Freek has been founded in 1950 as a manufacturer of electric heating elements in Menden. They sponsor AMPEX low voltage heating cartridges that are used for the spikes.  

Tuerk + Hillinger is a medium sized enterprise located in Tuttlingen that produces electrical heating elements, power-resistors and thermosensors. They sponsor AMPEX low voltage heating cartridges that are used for the spikes. 

NTN SNR EUROPE is a world market leader for rolling bearings, linear modules and much more. They sponsor AMPEX with floating and locating bearings.

HA-CO is a production company for couplings, connecting shafts and machine elements. They sponsor AMPEX with rigid couplings to couple the DC Motor to the drill.

Löbke Federn is specialized in all kinds of springs. Therefore they sponsor our project with leaf springs of different thickness, which we will install in the drill head.

We are manufacturing parts that are not too complex at the Studiwerkstatt Aachen ourselves! The Studiwerkstatt provides all the tools and machines one needs to make his or her project reality.

With all the moving parts in our robot, choosing the right bearings was an important task. Luckily Igus had just what we needed and agreed to become one of our sponsors! 

Gleich Aluminium are experts in aluminium and produce everything from rolled plates to round bars. They sponsor AMPEX with plates that we need to assemble components like DC Motor and friction bearing.  

AMPEX - The Aachen Modular Planetary Exploration System
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