Team Experimental Box

  • Felix Grubert is an experienced mechanical engineer specializing in space technology. As an employee at the Institute of Structural Mechanics and Lightweight Design, he already has experience with the iBlock. He was elected as project manager and is responsible for the overall function. His technical contribution to the experiment is the design of the drive and the drill head.
  • Tobias Schalm, is currently finishing his mechanical engineering studies. Thanks to his infinite motivation, he was elected as deputy project manager and supports Felix in administrative tasks and project management. Thanks to Tobias research, we can build the complicated drill head.
  • Tom Schaber studies geology, which is why he is our expert for the prevailing conditions on the glacier. He is currently completing an internship, where he takes soil samples almost daily. Due to these experiences, Tom can always reassess the concepts of the mechanical engineers, which has already paid off. We will continue to trust his advice in the future, especially when designing the drill.
  • Maximilian Kerstan is the second aerospace engineer in Team AMPEX. During his studies at the University of Applied Sciences, Maximilian gained practical experience, with which he supports the team in an advisory capacity with the overall concept. In cooperation with Jan, Maximilian revised the drill and its drive. He also is responsible for production.
  • Jan Geiken is one of the most experienced members of our team. He has completed his bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and is currently in the final stages of the specialization in design engineering. In addition, Jan has consolidated his studies through several practical experiences. In cooperation with Maximilian, Jan revised the drill and its drive and made various calculations for these. Additionally Jan takes care of the sponsoring.

Team Electronics

  • The challenge of IT in space travel should not be underestimated. Jan Kilic has accepted this challenge and decided to join Team AMPEX. In keeping with his degree in computer science, AMPEX offers the practical compensation, which is why we entrust him with this area, in particular with control and regulation. 
  • Omar Maaly is looking for a practical reference in addition to his studies in electrical engineering. His enthusiasm for space technology and his curiosity eventually led him to AMPEX. Omar takes care of the electrical supply of our (sub) systems.
  • Barry Lehmann is a student assistant at the Institute of Structural Mechanics and Lightweight Design. In the past, he has already programmed parts for the iSSI interface and is very familiar with the overall iBoss project. Despite an internship, Barry decided to support us and especially Jan Kilic.
AMPEX - The Aachen Modular Planetary Exploration System
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