That is it!


Whoa! What a journey it's been. Let's sum up the day for the last time:

We had to go up to the glacier with the early shift, which means that we got up at 05.15 - one last time. During the day we helped to dismantle the habitat and transport the parts from the Glacier Palace to the gondola station. After a tire burst on the electric lift truck, transportation became physically much more intense. That's why we went back to the valley at 2 p.m. We still enjoyed the last gondola ride to the full. 

Tomorrow we will return to Aachen early in the morning. That means we have to say goodbye. Goodbye Zermatt, a dreamlike village that we have all taken to our hearts. Goodbye Igluna, we have learned so much through you and gained so many new impressions. Goodbye to all participants! We had the pleasure to talk to so many interesting people from all over Europe. Along our journey we made new friends, made new contacts and met heroes of our contemporary history. It was all we imagined and much more.

PS: The Swiss Space Center has published a logbook entry about our project. You can find the video in our photo gallery, on our Facebook page and on the Facebook page of the Swiss Space Center.

AMPEX - The Aachen Modular Planetary Exploration System
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