Preliminary Design Review


A step in the right direction!

Today we had a succesful Preliminary Design Review with experts from Swiss Space Center and the Institute of Structural Mechanics and Lightweight Design. In the PDR, the ideas and concepts were presented, with which the basic funtions are to be fulfilled in the experiment. Particular attention was paid to the feasibility. The experts took a closer look at our concepts and confirmed that we are steering the right course. With on-going motivation we start the design phase and thus prepare ourselves for the Critical Design Review in January.

After the PDR we went on a cultural tour through Aachen, where we explained the history of the city and tasted regional specialties like the Aachener Printen. 

As a next step, we will perform detailed calculations and create the associated CAD files. In this context, sponsors for the required material must be won.

AMPEX - The Aachen Modular Planetary Exploration System
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