Lucky coincidence


Different than we thought, we weren't allowed to go on the glacier today. Unfortunately, our experiment will be transported on the glacier tomorrow morning, which is why we got the day off. Fortunately, there was a thunderstorm on the Klein-Matterhorn in the early afternoon, so that all teams had to return to the valley at 4 o'clock p.m. at the latest. So we couldn't have worked at all.

We all agreed that we would hike today along the trails we saw yesterday from the gondola. Our starting point was the first gondola station called Furi at 1867 meters. Before we left, we saw our equipment being dropped off at the gondola station. This means that tomorrow, when the weather is fine, we'll be going up with our equipment.

From Furi we first walked to a hanging rope bridge and also crossed it. Since the way did not cost much strength and time, we decided to walk to the next gondola station named Schwarzsee. The path led us through a forest and several small streams. Our efforts were rewarded with great views. After roundabout three hours we reached the gondola station Schwarzsee at 2583 meters. Tom, our geologist, talked us through time with all kinds of information about the different stones he found every 5 meters.

Totally exhausted we sat down on the viewing platform, which directly faces the Matterhorn. Unfortunately the view was covered by thick clouds. The cold wind quickly cooled our bodies, so that after a short look at the Schwarzsee we took the gondola into the valley.

It was a great experience to go hiking at the Matterhorn and for Omar Maaly it was his first hike in his life. As always, we recommend a look at the photo gallery for current impressions. Keep tuned!

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