iBOSS - the project that AMPEX is based upon


iBOSS (Intelligent Building Blocks for On-orbit Satellite Servicing) is a project funded by the DLR. Over the course of the iBOSS project standardized building blocks are developed, that altogether form a maintainable modular spacecraft - Lego in space!

The iBOSS design provides a great flexibility in satellite development and productions while enabling on-orbit servicing and assembly. If you want to learn more about the project, visit the iBOSS-website!

The SLA (Institute of Structural Mechanics and Lightweight Design) of RWTH Aachen University teaches and conducts its research in the field of lightweight design for more than sixty years. As one of the key partners of the iBOSS project, the SLA is currently developing the iSSI (intelligent Space System Interface) while also qualifying developed structures in accordance with current space standards and refining structural components and mechanisms. If you want to learn more about ongoing projects at the SLA, follow this link.

For our project, we are using two of the key technologies of the iBOSS project that are currently in development at the SLA: the iBLOCK and the iSSI. The intelligent Space System Interface is capable of transferring power, data, heat and mechanical load. We will use an iSSI to connect the handling system to the experimental box. The experimental box itself consists of two iBLOCKs stacked on top of each other. For more information regarding the iSSI, follow this link!

AMPEX - The Aachen Modular Planetary Exploration System
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