From holiday paradise to everyday life


Get up at 8 a.m. - breakfast - weatherproof clothes - 45 min gondola ride - 3 hours work - lunch - 1,5 hours work - last gondola ride (45 min) into the valley.

We would never have thought that the transition from a dream holiday resort to everyday life would happen so quickly. On the way from our sleeping room to the breakfast room, we still have an impressive view to the Matterhorn, but now we concentrate more on the upcoming tasks. The 45 min gondola ride to the Klein-Matterhorn is for some tourists the destination of their holiday. Meanwhile it has become the way to work for us. Nevertheless, the feeling is indescribably beautiful when you sit in the last gondola and go down to the valley with the other workers and look at the breathtaking scenery. At this point it's worth taking a look at our photo gallery again!

So what happened today? Omar Maaly had to deal with some electronic problems, which he got under control in the course of the day. The rest of the team reinstalled the charged batteries and then took care of digging to a layer of ice. At the end of the day, the hole was between 1.5 and 2 meters deep. Great respect to the key people responsible for this heavy, physical work at 3883 meters altitude. As an early reward, we climbed the viewing platform at Klein-Matterhorn in the morning, which is the highest viewing platform in the alps. The weather was so good that we could see all the way to Mont Blanc.

The experiment is now charged, freed from all known technical errors and in our hole the ice layer is exposed. This means that from tomorrow we will no longer be working with a layer of ice and snow, but will be able to drill into pure ice. Wish us every success and stay up to date!

AMPEX - The Aachen Modular Planetary Exploration System
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